My Favourite Thing About Google Accounts Is That If I Sign Into Analytics Or Webmaster Tools For Business (often Using A Client's Account) It Also Signs Me Into Youtube And Tracks All The Dumb Videos I've Been Watching.thanks @google!

My favourite thing about Google accounts is that if I sign into Analytics or Webmaster Tools for business (often using a client's account) it also signs me into Youtube and tracks all the dumb videos I've been watching.Thanks @Google!

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6 Ways Google Webmaster Tools Can Improve Your SEO Strategy

Content KWs The Sitemaps section allows you to view all the sitemaps that you’ve added (or Google found) along with statistics such as the last date it was processed and the number of pages submitted and indexed.  These stats can be viewed by content-type, meaning Web, video, images and news. Another great feature is the sitemap test option; you provide the URL of a sitemap, and Google scans it, quickly detecting any errors that need to be fixed. If you need to remove a URL from Google’s index, you can use the Remove URLs feature in Webmaster Tools. This can be a very powerful tool, but use with caution! Only use this tool if you want to permanently remove a URL (as opposed to redirecting it). Google gives a great example in their help section — if you have accidentally displayed confidential information such as a credit card number and you need to have a page removed, you can request expedited removal of the URLs. You will find this tool under “Google Index” in the left-hand navigation. Webmaster Tools For Fast, Easy On-Page SEO Fixes I find that these tools help me prioritize SEO improvement efforts and reduce analysis time. But these six features just scratch the surface of what Google Webmaster Tools has to offer. I encourage you to explore the ways in which GWT can help you implement an effective on-page SEO program.

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